Ride Share replaces Carpool Network


Photo by Kat Torreano: Above are student cars, some of which are offered for NMU’s Ride Share Program.

Zoe Maki

With a sizeable chunk of NMU students coming from a different state or below the bridge, many choose to carpool to save on gas expenses and meet new people.

This is especially true around the holidays when many people head home. With over 2,000 members, NMU’s Ride Share Program on Facebook is available to all students who possess an NMU webmail address.

Virtually replacing NMU’s Carpool Network, Ride Share is more accessible to students and allows them to obtain information about individuals giving or receiving a ride beforehand. The page is filled with posts of students that either offer rides or ask for them as they travel to cities far away from Marquette.

“I figure it’s a good way to not have to drive seven hours alone and to get help paying for gas,” said junior public relations major Brookelyn Nichols, who is volunteering her car for a ride over Thanksgiving break.

Although the group is only open to NMU students on Facebook, it is essential to understand the dangers of riding in a car with strangers.

“Use common sense, and don’t ever feel obligated to get into a car if you’re uncomfortable,” said Haley Rhoades, assistant dean of students.

“Tell your family your travel plans—including your route, schedule, and contact information—for the person you are traveling with,” she added.

For students looking to find an affordable ride home for the break, Ride Share is a way to do so and to find a safe person to travel with.