Swimming takes second at Calvin Invitational


Benny Garbacz

The NMU Men’s and Women’s Swim teams took second place at the Calvin Winter Invitational hosted by Calvin College and set several records and qualified for numerous NCAA B-cuts.

Thursday Nov. 30 began the Invitational with the men’s team taking first place and making the NCAA B-cut in the 800-yard freestyle relay with an NMU record-breaking time of 6:36.60. The B-cuts are time limits that will allow swimmers to qualify to join in the NCAA championship races, but only after those making A-cuts are verified into the race.

The women’s team also succeeded with the 800-yard free-style relay, as well as breaking an NMU record with a time of 7:29.91, which met the NCAA qualification. Freshman Gabby Spajic achieved a first-place finish in the 1650-yard freestyle at 17:08.56 and earned an NCAA B-cut.

The next day, on Dec. 1, the men’s swimming team led the six other teams by 52 points. Sophomore Jonas Reinhold won the 200-yard freestyle with a time of 1:40.27. Junior Grantas Dapkus achieved second place and both he and Reinhold qualified for an NCAA B-cut.

The women’s team led the way with 998.5 points against eight other schools. Freshman Lena Soulas, junior Regan Kilburn, sophomore Victoria Reese and sophomore Rachel Helm set a team record, tied a pool record and made an NCAA B-cut with the time of 1:34.07 during the 200-yard freestyle relay. Spajic set a school and pool record in the 200-yard butterfly with a time of 2:02.27.

The last day of the invitational the teams fell to second place but qualified for several NCAA B-cuts. The men’s team took first in the 400 yard-freestyle relay with a time of 3:01.10. Dapkus set a school record with a time of 4:29.90 in the 500-yard freestyle and qualified for an NCAA B-cut. Junior Janne Roovers finished second and also qualified for the cut. Junior Renars Bundzis set a school and pool record and even qualified for an NCAA A-cut by winning the 200-yard backstroke in the time of 1:44.41.