Wands for Wildlife


Various bags are hung around campus and are meant for students, faculty and staff to discard used mascara wands to be repurposed. The bags will be hung up until Sunday, April 1. Photo by: Emma Case

Kara Toay

Do you have mascara brushes that float around your house or makeup bag, or that you throw away when you’re done, maybe not realizing how many you buy and could be donating?

NMU’s Pre Vet Club is hosting a “wandraiser” until April 1 for Wands for Wildlife with drop-off stations located around campus, such as first floor Jamrich, with bags for mascara brushes positioned under posters.

Wands for Wildlife is a nonprofit organization, based out of North Carolina, that collects old mascara wands to help remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of animals as the bristles on the mascara brushes work best because they are close together, Breanna Demaline, Pre Vet Club president and sophomore biology and pre vet major, said.

Demaline said she hopes the “wandraiser” will help the organization and get the word out there.

“With Northern, we have a lot of students here. We’re getting their name out there, and people can donate to help, and help wildlife,” Demaline said.

Sophomore biology and pre vet major with a concentration in zoology and club officer Shelby Boschma said she found out about the Wands for Wildlife organization through Facebook and brought it to the group.

“I didn’t think much about it, and a week went by and I saw it again, and I thought we could do this for Pre Vet Club,” Boschma said.

The “wandraiser” started four weeks ago, and the group is hoping to continue it into the next school year, Boschma said.

The Pre Vet Club partnered with the Fisheries and Wildlife Association for the “wandraiser.” The Fisheries and Wildlife Association will help clean the mascara brushes and pay to send them in, Demaline said.