Referendum questions pass during ASNMU election


Sophie Hillmeyer

The ASNMU election featured two referendum questions regarding allocation of funds from the Student Activity Fee and this year they were both passed by student votes.

The first question regarded a proposed GreenFund from the EcoReps and the Sustainability Advisory Council. There are still administrative steps the fund needs to go through before being implemented, but there are plans in the making, EcoRep Olivia Walcott, a junior environmental science major said.

“[We are] very excited about the outpouring of student support for the GreenFund,” she said. “This additional funding will open up many doors in the future. [S]tudents will be able to get more out of the GreenFund than they put in.”

The second question voted in a 50-cent increase per student per semester to The North Wind. The increased funds will help The North Wind serve as the independent press on campus by providing the necessary resources to fund staffing and training, as well as outreach to the student body, Editor-in-Chief Winter Keefer, a senior multimedia journalism major said.

“It’s going to help the future staff be able to maintain what they currently have, if not expand,” she said.