Lake Superior Life Care and Hospice hosts training sessions


Abigail Zeman

The Lake Superior Life Care & Hospice (LSH) is hosting a training session for new volunteers at its location on Baraga Avenue from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., today.

The session will prepare participants for direct patient care and administrative assistance with the LSH, the oldest non-profit hospice in Michigan. Volunteer opportunities include office assistance, gardening, reading to patients and helping patients and families with basic day-to-day tasks.

Each participant is required to go through the training session to volunteer for the hospice program, Volunteer Coordinator Susie Lefler said.

“We are looking for any and all people to volunteer,” Lefler said. “There are a lot of different opportunities for those looking to help out.”
The session will exhibit several demonstrations on topics such as grief, loss and how to set boundaries when working with families. The participants will learn how to provide relief to caregivers and friendship to patients, according to LSH’s webpage.

Lefler said that volunteers shouldn’t be afraid to get to know some of the patients, even if they don’t share age, religion, upbringing or political views. The training session addresses difficult situations a volunteer might encounter and contains an activity that simulates what it’s like to have a terminal illness.

“People at the end of their lives are faced with this grief and worry,” Lefler said. “The younger volunteers bring such a brightness to our patients.”

While the LSH appreciates young adult volunteers, they look for people from all age groups and walks of life. Volunteers are free to help as little or as much as they choose, Lefler said. There is no time commitment.

“We know people have busy lives,” Lefler said. “We make it flexible and easy to help.”

Those interested in volunteering, can contact Susie Lefler at [email protected] to set up one-on-one training. There will also be another group training session at this year’s upcoming Fall Fest.
“It’s not only about helping others, but it may touch the volunteers as well,” Lefler said.