Marquette Junior Hockey affiliates with NMU


Alex Skinner

The Marquette Junior Hockey Corporation (MJHC) team has decided on a name change in a partnership with Northern Michigan University. The change will be instituted in the coming years, with the first stage of name changes coming later this year for the travel team.

The updated partnership will change the program name from the Marquette Junior Hockey Corporation to the Marquette Junior Hockey Wildcats.

Regional identification plays a huge role in the recruitment process of teams across the country, exemplified by other programs such as the Boston Junior Bruins and Denver Junior Pioneers.

The change of names is in large part due to the recent success of the Northern Michigan University Hockey program, as well as a way to standardize Marquette-area hockey.

“We’re just trying to grow the game of hockey in the area, and it’s nice to see that Northern wants to get involved with us and help promote it,” said Doug Garrow, a member of the Marquette Junior Hockey Corporation.

Garrow also expects the name change to bring in more spectators to MJHC games.

“If there’s more hockey kids in town and people enjoy the game, I think they’re going to see their attendance increase,” Garrow said.

Created in 1958, the MJHC has grown to include 450 current members with 12 different age leagues, stretching from 6U for ages 4-6 through 18U.

The program has recently begun hosting fund raisers to finance new equipment and MJHC Wildcat jerseys.