Marquette offers a unique student life


Alex Skinner

Lying on the pristine shores
of Lake Superior in Michigan’s
Upper Peninsula is the city of
Marquette, a bustling port town

with enough history and adventure to attract even the most

weary travelers. Acting as the

central hub of the area, tourists flock by the thousands each

year for a myriad of activities
throughout the year—whether
that be shopping up and down

Washington Avenue or attending events such as the U.P. Fall

Festival and Fresh Coast Film

Located just a short bike ride
from downtown Marquette is

Northern Michigan University, a top-30 ranked university

in the midwest. NMU was also
named a 2016-17 and 2017-18

College of Distinction for its engaged students, great teaching,

vibrant community and successful outcomes. To go along with

the tradition and excitement

within the rest of the community, NMU and Marquette earn

the distinction of being the best
city to live in while pursuing a
college education in Michigan.

Growing up in East Lansing,
I imagined that every college
town offered roughly the same
adventures: students study hard
from Monday through Friday,
tailgate Saturday with friends
and family and then go to the
big game. There would be a
house party afterwards but the
distinction between college and
local was noticeable. In East
Lansing, college crowds don’t
intermingle with local residents,
and that is one of the many
positive dynamics that makes
Marquette so unique and unlike
any college town in the state.

The strength of our community here is immeasurable, and

year-long residents embrace the
university for what it brings and

who it attracts. It isn’t uncommon to go to the Ore Dock on

Friday night and dance next to
a middle-aged couple, only for
them to offer you tips on how
to incorporate your hips in your
movements. Neighborhoods are

also tightly-knit, with college living areas often undefined and

blended with local residents.

With miles of lush forest
and beaches to indulge upon,
many students from across the
midwest flock to Marquette
to explore the land. Everyone
here has equal opportunity
to traverse the landscape and
few around here neglect those
chances. It’s encouraged for
incoming students to discover
new outdoor passions, including
hikes around town at Sugarloaf
Mountain or Little Garlic Falls,
kayaking around Little Presque,
and mountain biking around
the numerous trailheads.

Winter months offer just as

many opportunities for residents, with activities such as

snowshoeing Hogback mountain, snowboarding Marquette

Mountain, and skating at one
of the many outdoor ice rinks.

People stay active here, which
is one of the reasons Marquette
was named Top Small Town
for Adventure by USA Today
just last month.

While students here undoubtedly take advantage

of the landscape, Northern
Michigan University also offers
great educational facilities for

students to build toward a career. Class sizes stay small with reporting a 20:1 student to professor

ratio, meaning opportunities
for internships and one-on-one
help from professors are easily

Marquette and Northern
Michigan University offer a
one-of-a-kind opportunity to
explore nature while developing

students into successful professionals. The experiences that we

build here are unlike any other
offered in the state and we
wouldn’t have it any other way.