How to: “Rock Your Room Competition”


The finalizing aspects of a winning dorm for the Rock Your Room competition are cleanliness, use of university furniture and display of unique decorations. Photo by: Isabelle Tavares

Jessica Parsons

Each year, Housing and Residence life holds “Rock Your

Room,” a competition for students to deck out their dorm

rooms. Winners will be rewarded

with a prize depending on that
year’s offer, such as a gift card to a
local shop or restaurant.

According to NMU’s website,
judges look for several things in
the decision-making process, such
as cleanliness, use of university

furniture or even DIY decorations.

“Work with your roommate to
rearrange the furniture in your
room, it doesn’t need to be kept
the way the university had it,”

Brenna Dune, former resident advisor of Hunt Hall and elementary education major said. “As long

as you’re communicating with
your roommate, and not breaking

student code, hammocking creates a nice place to sit.”

Plants are good decorations to
use and add life to a dorm room,
Dune said.

“Having greenage in your room
looks nice and has health benefits.
It’s always a bonus when you walk
in the room and see green,” Dune
said. “Look for things that speak
your personality and lifestyle.”

Meaningful decorations and photography are key features to a prize-winning dorm room.
Photo by: Isabelle Tavares

Past winners and their pictures

are posted on NMU’s website under the “Student Life” tab. Residence Hall Policies can be found

in the Housing and Residence
Life section of NMU’s website.

Making a dorm look more
homey is like going to Grandma’s
house, Dune said.

Tapestries and photography
are great decorations to use in
the “Rock Your Room” challenge
because they have meaning and

purpose to the individual, she

“It’s the little things,” she