NMU unveils wildcat statue


NMU President Fritz Erickson and ASNMU President Cody Mayer reveal a bronze statue of a wildcat during homecoming week. Placed outside of Jamrich Hall, the statue was donated by the estate of Gil Ziegler. Photo by Kelsii Kyto

Sophie Hillmeyer

The covered wildcat statue was surrounded by students, staff and faculty, alumni and community members as President Fritz Erickson and ASNMU President Cody Mayer pulled off the black sheet to reveal NMU’s newest addition for the first time with the pep band drum rolling in the background. The wildcat made its debut during the dedication ceremony at 3 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 21.

“I feel like I’m seven years old and it’s Christmas morning,” Erickson said before the reveal. “We get to unwrap something that we’ve been trying to peek at, so I’m just as anxious as you are.”

The bronze statue was made possible by the donations from the estate of former NMU Board of Trustees Chair Gil Ziegler and stands outside of Jamrich Hall. Members of Ziegler’s family were able attend the unveiling and noted how the statue was a testament to his love for NMU.

“There is no doubt that the statue will foster tradition for years to come,” Erickson said. “[The statue] is the kind of gift where, for generations to come, anyone who comes to campus can get their photo taken here. [Ziegler] would’ve been tickled green and gold.”