Alum to talk cannabis



Kelsii Kyto

For students interested in learning more about the psychology of cannabis, NMU alum Robert Torrence is holding an event entitled “Residual and acute effects of cannabis on emotional processing in anxiety disorders” at 4 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 28, in Jamrich 1100 in partnership with the
psychology department.

“Anxiety is ubiquitous among university students. Cannabis usage is also common among university students. Although, its relationship to anxiety is typically less considered,” Joshua Carlson, associate professor of the psychology department said.

Torrence received his M.S. in psychology from NMU in 2015 and completed his thesis work with Carlson in the Cognitive x Affective Behavior and Integrative Neuroscience (CABIN) lab, which studies both the physiological and psychological processes of the brain and their interactions.

“It is exciting to see NMU alumni begin successful independent careers in psychological science,” Carlson said.
Events like this will expose students to diverse topics in psychological science, ranging from research presentations to information sessions about future careers in psychology, Carlson said.

“Students should attend the presentation to hear and learn about cutting edge research in psychological science,”
Carlson said.

This event is free to students, and is part of a weekly colloquium series titled, “Discourses from the Academy,” which features speakers addressing a variety of issues and topics in psychology.