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Opinion-- A list of regrets before I graduate
Opinion-- A list of regrets before I graduate
Sal WiertellaMarch 1, 2024

Fashion struggles to survive


When walking into any of the various lecture halls around campus, sweatpants and t-shirts are not a rare sight. The days of wearing business casual to class seem to have disappeared with smoking on campus, leaving the embroidered class sweater behind in favor of bright and bold sweatshirts adorned with college mascots.

This cultural shift is not necessarily negative, as the production of clothing has become economically efficient and the options for that clothing have diversified significantly. However, the clothes of the present lack a certain feel that a vintage pair of Levi’s
might offer.

Todays t-shirts have a low thread count, sweaters are thinner and a pair of jeans may only last you a few months if you’re rough on them. But do not remorse; quality clothing can still be found. Walking the downtown areas of any major city in the United States or visiting your local mall’s designer clothing stores offer not only modern fashion but the quality you would expect. However, with that high price tag, it’s rare to see college students wearing such brands. The go-to for many college students tends to be whatever is on the cheaper end. Shopping at department stores, outlet stores and even large grocery stores for clothing may not seem a desirable alternative to spending a few thousand on Rodeo Drive, but quickly becomes a welcome one as you find incredibly low-cost clothing with an intimidatingly large selection to choose from. This has given birth to a much more relaxed fashion atmosphere, while the standard for quality in which you dress yourself has gone out the window with the quality of the clothes.

Looking back at old L.L.Bean catalogs, or even in your grandfather’s closet, the clothes of the past were made to last with quality materials, craftsmanship and a sense of pride. This is a far cry from the mass production of cheap t-shirts all over the world that we witness today. Fortunately, through the fog of an unfashionable population, some still choose to dress their best. The far and in between students who wake up every morning and put effort into the clothes they wear may not be a growing population, but the presence of care is noticed whenever you are in their

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Styles have changed throughout the years, but a true sense of fashion never left those who have chosen to find it. When they do, it is very noticeable. Whether it be modern, traditional, streetwear or a style that is completely unique to the individual wearing it, the foundations of fashion stand strong in the face of a casual
Friday culture.

There are still places that offer quality clothing consistently, along with people who will develop the trends that push us into the creative future. Although the modern economy and mass production of clothing has left style in the dust, it lives on through those who legitimately care.

Fashion is an important part of American culture, and although these new cheaper trends have taken over, going forward, a trend toward effortful fashion would be advantageous to everyone. Fashion allows you to express yourself not only culturally, but personally, leaving everyone a little better off after having witnessed you.

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