Nurses to donate socks to homeless


Sophie Hillmeyer

The change in seasons and dropping temperatures present new challenges for the homeless population of the Marquette community, which led the Student Nurses Association (SNA) to create the “Socktober” campaign to collect donations of socks to give to a local homelessness resource.

The SNA has a goal of collecting 500 pairs of socks throughout the month of October to donate to the Room at the Inn Warming Center in Marquette, which is the largest homeless resource in the area. This is the first time that SNA is hosting the campaign, SNA President Katja Olari, junior nursing major said in an email. She added that they have collected around 30 pairs so far this month.

“Five hundred pairs was a big goal to shoot for, and with half the month left, we want to spread the word and get anyone involved who would like to be,” Olari said.

Homeless shelters have a need for socks heading into the winter months and they are one of the least donated items, Olari said.

“Students should consider donating because for the cost of a standard Starbucks drink, they can help someone’s mom, dad, sister, brother or best friend stay warm and hopefully move forward to a more stable living situation,” Olari said.

The SNA is a student organization with the goal of building a group of nursing students who promote collaboration and giving back to the community in ways related to health care,
Olari said.

“Being involved in SNA has challenged me to grow in my leadership skills, be involved in community-wide events,” Olari said. “[It has] allowed me to build relationships with nursing students who are ahead of me in the program or just coming
into it.”

Donation boxes are located in the Nursing Tech Center and the Nursing Program Office.