Letter to the Editor



For weeks, we saw coverage of Dr. Christine Ford’s sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. In my political science classes, we’ve had very heated discussion on the topic—even escalating to yelling and slamming hands on tables. After a day or so of discussion, I’ve found myself avoiding the topic.

Those who know me as politically active, know about my sexual assault and have heard my speeches, have reached out to me for my opinion. To everyone who asked my opinion, I told them I was uncomfortable with the discussion. I’ve heard people argue that Dr. Ford’s allegations were staged by the Democratic Party, or that no one could remember an event so long ago, that because her memories weren’t consistent she was lying, and even that she wasn’t sexually attractive enough at the time to have been raped.

I’m so tired of listening to the same arguments from the people who deny any allegation. I’m tired of seeing allegations come out and nothing come of them. I’m tired of rapists getting non-existent sentences and punishments (looking at you, Brock Turner). As soon as Dr. Ford came forward, I think we all knew nothing would come of it. As soon as the allegations come up in conversation, you know everyone’s mind is already made up.

I’m so tired of explaining the difficult and traumatic process of reporting a rape or sexual assault and the difficulty victims have coming forward to be met with only ignorance or apathy. I’m tired of having the same conversations every time an allegation arises. I’m tired of my assault being a prop in an argument. I’m tired of hearing stories of people I know being assaulted, harassed, or raped and keeping quiet. I’m just so tired.