Food 4 Fines continues


Nate Bellville

At certain times of the school day, commuters and unregistered vehicles parked on campus may have been given a violation at unassigned spots or areas, such as leaving your vehicle at a faculty and staff spot. Since Monday Nov. 5, the NMUPD, in conjunction with NMU Parking Services, has
offered an incentive for students who have been issued a parking ticket this fall semester.

“Food 4 Fines” is a program in its second year in partnership with the NMU Food Pantry. The program allows students to bring in non-perishable food pantry items to help reduce or exempt any parking ticket up to $25. NMUPD Parking Services will be taking donations on Nov. 5 to 9, and on Nov. 27.

“It is a program I have seen done before at other universities,” NMU Parking Services Director Patti J. Rizzio said. “My initial thought was to donate food items to a local food bank from the fines, but when I heard NMU was going to open up a food pantry, I thought it was the perfect place for our donations to go.”

Accepted food items are
divided into four tiers. The $5 tier consists of canned products and boxes of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. The $10 tier is designated for
a 6-pack box of instant oatmeal and a 12-ounce box of Velveeta Shells and Cheese. Bottles of shampoo, 4-pack of toilet paper and 15.8-ounce boxes of Uncle Ben’s Rice are allowed in the $15 tier. Any type of diapers and miscellaneous items remain in the $25 tier. They specifically ask for no ramen noodles.

“It was surprising on the amount of goods dropped off to the food pantry, regarding the parking situation,” Holliday said. “The big spinoff from the Food 4 Fines is that people become more aware of [the] food pantry and the needs that NMU students face.”

The drop-off days are Nov. 8 and 9, Tuesday the 13 to Friday the 16 and the National Day of Giving at the Jamrich Hall Commons and on Nov. 10 at Northern Lights Dining.