NMUPD raises awareness for winter safety


A pile of snow accumulates on a snowy day near the PEIF and Superior Dome this week. Marquette recently broke a record for daily snowfall this November. Photo by Kat Torreano

Sophie Hillmeyer

With winter comes snow and ice, which makes conditions potentially dangerous for pedestrians and cars alike.

NMUPD Sgt. Jon Kovar noted the importance of preparing vehicles for winter to ensure safe driving such as getting brakes and batteries checked, tires with sufficient tread and warm clothing in case something does go wrong with a vehicle in the cold weather. He recommends being cautious and slowing down while driving in winter conditions.

Kovar also recommended that students check the weather to be prepared if going out hiking and to stay in groups when possible.
“It is important to let somebody know where you’re going and when you plan to be coming back,” Kovar said.

Winter is already off to a snowy start and according to an MLive article, Marquette received 8.9 inches of snow on Nov. 19, which broke the previous record of 8.4 inches set in 1984. The normal snowfall for November is 12.5 inches and Marquette has already doubled that.

“I think our grounds department does a good job of removing snow,” Kovar said. “Sometimes it snows faster than they can remove it.”
In order to keep parking lots and sidewalks safe, Kovar said it is important for people to move their vehicles to designated lots during assigned plowing times and be aware of their

“It is difficult to address slippery or snowy areas if we aren’t aware of them,” Kovar said. “Just let us know and we will remedy it as best as possible.”

Kovar said anyone on campus can contact NMUPD with safety-related issues and they will get in touch with the right department to address the issue. He added that if anyone gets injured on campus and needs assistance they can contact NMUPD and they also have injury report paperwork.