A very bland Christmas


Joseph Living

NMU hasn’t done much in terms of holiday spirit this year. Efforts have been lackluster, to say the least.

A few people in the dorms have hung decorations on their doors, but as a whole, the only real piece of large scale Christmas flash sits proudly out in front of the University Center in the form of a decorated pine tree. Lights have been placed down the tree laterally, leaving all who view it puzzled by its odd look. With the bright outline of a star at its peak, the slightly-unkempt tree is a beacon of holiday mediocrity.

Those who are not underwhelmed by its presence have paid no attention at all, as its symbolism is dulled by lack of effort. It’s not all bad—the lights shine brightly, filling the cool landscape on dark winter nights with warmth and holiday cheer. If you go out of your way to see it, you may enjoy it to some extent.

Due to its location, I have a feeling many students won’t make the trip across campus to check it out, making it just one of those things you hear about instead of getting your friends to go see. It has no lure on its own, but rather is an attraction that is noticed if you’re already heading to the UC for some other reason.

It’s hard to say it brings us all together as students or spreads holiday cheer because of its lack of emphasis and beauty, leaving me with a feeling of complete indifference.