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Joseph Living

Bookstore a sad bore

The bookstore is an essential part of any college or university campus. It not only serves as a central hub for students to get their required supplies and class materials, but also as an important showcase of school spirit wear.

Due to the construction currently being done on the University Center, however, our bookstore has been split in two. The wildcat-themed merchandise can be found not far from where it was before, as it was moved just down the hall in another location within the building. All of the books and class materials were relocated to West Hall, a former dorm on the southeast side of

Although the challenges of construction on the University Center are a major factor determining its current location, it nonetheless deserves to be critiqued, as it has served for the better part of a year as the one and only location to buy books on campus. Regardless of the prices and other disagreements one might have with the bookstore, or rather bookstores, the relocation has caused many problems.

The interior of West Hall was never designed to be a storefront, causing it to feel cramped and uninviting. The West Hall location is also hard to get to on foot, with the route requiring you to walk around the building to the only open front entrance. The spirit wear section in the original location in the University Center is smaller, but unlike its West Hall counterpart, very usable. The bookstore solution was born out of necessity but executed with mediocrity, leaving all of us inconvenienced at the beginning of a new semester.