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The North Wind is an independent student publication serving the Northern Michigan University community. It is partially funded by the Student Activity Fee. The North Wind digital paper is published daily during the fall and winter semesters except on university holidays and during exam weeks. The North Wind Board of Directors is composed of representatives of the student body, faculty, administration and area media.

Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Dallas Wiertella April 30, 2024

A collection of collectors

A collection of collectors

Vinyl junkies, unique collectors and artists spun in and out of Whitman Hall on Saturday in search of that one piece that makes them whole. Of course, there’s always room for more in the closet, garage or up on the wall, but it’s the chatter from the community that attracts people to the event once again.

Classic rock, jazz, country, classical, you name it. There was something for everyone. Some are in search of cover art, while others are in search of that one song. Some are after a good deal, while another trades their “trash” for another’s “treasure.” But there weren’t just vinyl records and boxed-up music.

To NMU’s Vinyl and Record Club Advisor Jon Teichman, “This is the best show ever.”

The club hosted an event that was sure to have something for everyone, he said. Kids found Superman, and begged for just one more video game.

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Richard Wilder, a vendor and aspiring writer, noted that the amount of attending women has increased, expressing their musical interest and quirky collections. Wilder explained these events in the past “have been very seldom for women,” but their appearance has changed throughout the years, not only coming to buy, but sell as well.

Wilder emphasized the importance of individuals continuing to pursue their hobby, like collecting, and to simply do what they enjoy doing. Especially for the students studying at NMU, “Do whatever it is that you want to do,” he said. He explained it’s a decision like that which encourages a healthy lifestyle. Wilder’s message is central to the high attendance and of students that continue to come to this event.

Kai Johnson, or as she likes to refer to herself, “The Vinyl Junky’s Wife,” expressed her gratitude for the recognition and coverage of these shows and how important they are to the community. Johnson and her husband, Ed, do not mind traveling a far distance to attend these buy, sell and trade events, as they have much to show within their

Some attendees travel great distances, all working together in the longevity of art and

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