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TRADITION — Established in 1979, the Moosemen hold the distinction of being NMUs oldest campus club.
Moosemen rugby embracing tradition with new season underway
Caden SierraSeptember 22, 2023

Old tech making a comeback

Old tech making a comeback

With the rise of the digital age, many things people formerly used on a regular basis now find themselves collecting dust in the backs of closets and junk drawers. Things like iPods and digital cameras have replaced many of the tools and gadgets that were used significantly in the past.

The new ways of doing things overtook the old, allowing for easier access for millions trying to start new hobbies, share their creations online or use these tools in their everyday lives. Through various outlets of artistic culture, however, many of the technologies of the past have been making a resurgence in modern culture. Although possibly attributable to nothing more than a style choice, there are practical reasons for using older technologies that relied upon mechanics rather than circuitry.

The digital camera took the camera industry by storm in the late 1990s. Within a decade, it was the new commercial and retail standard, leaving some questioning why the film camera had been left behind so abruptly. Although we now have a cheaper and significantly more convenient way of taking pictures, does that mean film is useless?

Film cameras utilize mechanics and science to produce a picture. The images can be incredibly clear, as their quality is theoretically limitless. It’s restrained by lens quality, camera quality and film quality, which with exception of the film, similarly hold back digital cameras. Digital cameras, although many are incredibly detailed nowadays, are additionally limited by the digital sensors within them. Film cameras also have a significantly more natural feel, which is translated into every picture taken with them.

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Analog records have also seen a resurgence, with many popular albums being offered on vinyl. Similar to the cameras, the argument is that because of the non-digital nature, the music gives off much more of a natural sound than the comparable digital versions. Digital recordings of the song can be distorted in various ways from the recording itself, all the way to the headphone jack at the bottom of your phone. Although digital is infinitely more convenient than its analog counterparts, many still choose to go through the trouble for superior audio quality.

Plenty of old technologies have disappeared from our daily lives, only to be found in the pages of history books. This isn’t because old technology is useless, but more so because the modern alternatives are more convenient and accessible for the masses. Despite this, the older technologies will always find a home with people who are willing to put forth the effort for a truly exceptional experience.

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