Library remains the heart of campus

Library remains the heart of campus

Joseph Living

On any college campus, the library is the heart of learning, and Northern Michigan is no exception to that rule.

The Lydia M. Olson Library is the only library on campus and houses countless volumes of books between its two sprawling floors. The library also serves as a quiet place for students to study freely, with desks and tables filling the space between the rows of books.

The interior is due to receive renovations soon, which are badly needed. In its current state, the styling screams 1990s. If you were to ask an interior designer, they would voice concern over the outdated yellow and blue shelving, and most of the tables and desks lack modern amenities such as power outlets.

The space itself however is magnificent, as it is encapsulated by windows boasting a large study area in the back where the glass spans two stories tall, letting in plenty of natural light. Centrally located in the middle of the academic mall, it is the ideal spot to study before class or just chill out and read a book.

Although the cosmetics may be dated, the knowledge it holds within its walls is timeless. The library is a key resource for everyone who attends NMU, and continues to offer students a place of solitude.