Abortion to be debated


Photo courtesy of Matt Mahoney

Kelsii Kyto

An event coming to NMU will offer pro-life and pro-choice students to come together and discuss their stances on abortion in a healthy environment.

The event, called “Stump the Pro-Lifer,” led by Trevor Pollo of Protect Life Michigan, will take place from 7:30 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 20 in Jamrich 1319.

The event is brought here by Protect Life at NMU, a group headed by junior outdoor recreation major Matthew Mahoney, the club’s president. The event is a way for people to hear an opposing viewpoint, Mahoney said.

“I see that there’s a big split in the middle between pro-choice and pro-life, and hopefully this event will bring out a lot of pro-choice people,” Mahoney said.

The goal of having a man speak instead of a woman is to get a man’s viewpoint on the topic, Mahoney said.

“I think this gives [students] a really good chance to hear the other side, so that they can get some clarity if they’re unsure,” Mahoney said.

As the president of Protect Life at NMU, Mahoney couldn’t think of a better way to advocate for something he believes is right and very purposeful to him, Mahoney said.

“I’m really shocked at how spread this is coming around campus,” Mahoney said.

Mahoney noted that the location of the event might have to change if there is a large turnout. The event is free to all students.