Jamrich Hall contrasts rest of campus

Jamrich Hall contrasts rest of campus

Joseph Living

Second only to the Superior Dome, Jamrich Hall is one of the most iconic buildings on campus and sits prominently in the academic mall. Its large clock can be seen from across campus, and when illuminated, it blazes through the night.

However, Jamrich Hall doesn’t look similar to the other buildings; its styling is very modern compared to them. Although I believe the building is built very well, as evident by its stone floors and brick construction, its style simply screams of the early 2010s. This style of architecture, although it has yet to be seen if it will end up a classic, reminds me of something that would be on the cover of an already-outdated Algebra One textbook.

The guts of the building are filled with cheap furniture and rough upholstery, making you wish you were sitting anywhere else.

It has some charm right now, but it will quickly fall out of date the same way the Dodge Neon has: still functional, but horribly embarrassing.

If you were looking for a similar classroom experience, I would suggest renting out a conference room at a budget hotel.