Self-defense course comes to NMU

Self-defense course comes to NMU

Kelsii Kyto

NMU is unveiling a self-defense course that will help students defend themselves against attackers with defensive techniques, tactics and habits.
The one-credit course will be offered immediately after spring break for the rest of the semester.

“The primary goal of this course will be to teach students defensive techniques, tactics and habits. Students will receive training in basic strikes, takedowns and escapes from various grabs and pins,” Associate Dean/Director of the school of Health and Human Performance Elizabeth Wuorinen said. “The course will also include guest speakers from law enforcement, a psychologist and an organization that provides resources to victims of domestic abuse.”

The instructor of this course holds a black belt in Cuong Nhu, a type of martial arts that combines aspects of Aikido, Judo, Wing Chun, Vovinam, Tai Chi Chuan and Boxing.

Unlike the Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) class, this course is open to both women and men, Wuorinen said. There is a RAD class with curriculum specific to men, however the university has not found an instructor yet for the course, Wuorinen said.

This self-defense course is new to NMU, she added.

“The School of Health and Human Performance is a natural fit for a course such as this,” Wuorinen said. “The more information and skill that people have about movement in any form is important. The other aspect of this course is it is about health. Having the confidence in one’s ability is a part of social and emotional health.”

Anyone who is interested in learning about defending themselves should take the course, in order to protect themselves from an attack, Wuorinen said.

“Of course the hope is that no one would ever have to use this information and skill but in the event something were to happen, having the knowledge of defense is important,” Wuorinen said.