Jokesters get laughs

Jackie Jahfetson

“Sometimes comedy takes me to those rough places. I don’t know if you guys ever heard of Howell, Michigan. It doesn’t matter if you have, it’s a very tiki-torch friendly place if you don’t know. I was doing a show at a bowling alley and I was behind three skinheads and I tapped one of them on the shoulder and like, ‘Excuse me fellas, is this where we get our goody boots?’” comedian Louis D. Michael said in a clown-like voice as the room erupted with chuckles. “And one of them turned around and just said, ‘Ahhh, why don’t you [expletive] off you buff Jew.’”

The laughter turned into pitiful aw’s as people began to shake their heads from the comment, Michael looked up and said, “Guy thinks
I’m buff.”

The East Lansing jokester fueled the energy in the room with outlandish stories of being pulled over by an officer on a bicycle, to failing an open-note quiz. Along with Michael’s goofy conviction to mock his embarrassing moments in life, several other comedians kept a full audience perpetually giggling on Tuesday night at the Breakwall Comedy segment at the Ore Dock Brewing Co.

Once a month, this comedy show brings in nationally touring stand-up comedians, but starts off with local talent. One of Marquette’s local performers, Dominique Rabitaille, slid in with some pop culture humor, throwing out giggles left and right. Like many people who need a getaway from work,
community member Erin Roy said she enjoys a good laugh and really enjoyed her time last year at one of the Breakwall Comedy specials.

“I remembered laughing hysterically the entire time,” Roy said. “Comedy is something I’ve always enjoyed. I love laughing and appreciate talent. To see others being able to laugh at themselves is the best.”

With varieties of brews and different acts, the comedy night keeps people wanting more.