Arraignment set for man charged with butt-grabbings on campus


NMUPD and the Marquette Police Department arrested Caleb Scott Anderson Friday in relation to multiple reports of 4th degree criminal sexual conduct on NMU’s campus and in the city of Marquette. NW Photo Archives

Tim Eggert

A man arrested and charged Friday in connection with reports of sexual assault on NMU’s campus and in the city of Marquette will appear in court today for an arraignment.

Caleb Scott Anderson has been charged with multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree.

According to a release from Marquette County Prosecuting Attorney Matthew Wiese, Anderson allegedly would “run up to unsuspecting women, grab them on their buttocks against their will and run away.”

The Michigan Penal Code defines four degrees of criminal sexual conduct. All four degrees involve non-consent and age-classifications. The first and third degrees regard penetration whereas the second and fourth include variations of body and genital touching.

This month, three instances of fourth degree criminal sexual conduct have been reported to Northern Michigan University Police Department (NMUPD), according to NMUPD’s daily activity log.
NMUPD Chief of Police and Director of Safety Michael Bath declined to comment whether the reported cases involved Anderson.

An incident reportedly took place March 9 at the corner of Center Street and Presque Isle Avenue. On March 12, two incidents allegedly took place within an hour of each other: one at the corner of Center and Norway Streets and the other on Harden Drive.

Since the beginning of the year, a total of seven acts of criminal sexual conduct have been reported to NMUPD, according the log.

Anderson was arrested following a joint investigation by the Marquette Police Department and NMUPD, the release said.

The Marquette County Prosecutor’s Office declined to comment.

Kelsii Kyto contributed reporting.