Captain Marvel: strong character, weak impact


Cody Balow

The new Marvel movie just barely reaches the bar that’s been set for 10 years

A few weeks before the release of Marvel’s big finale, Avengers: End Game, Captain Marvel came out. This movie was great, but its purpose seems a little misplaced. As an origin movie for Captain Marvel, it does a really good job. While her portrayal of the character was entertaining, the character just didn’t seem to fit in a couple parts of the story. This is fitting with a lot of aspects, as both Captain Marvel and Nick Fury had a buddy-cop relationship in a story that was dark.

Also, the plot itself did not fit very well into the overall Marvel story and wasted the potential the Skrulls had. In the comics, Captain Marvel is an extremely powerful hero and by the end of the movie we get to see just how strong she is. The movie does a good job of building Captain Marvel by having her start off as strong character, who comes into crazy levels of strength by the end. Brie Larson’s portrayal gave the character a lot of likeability that’s necessary for this movie. It also gave it a fun vibe, like in Guardians of the Galaxy. Nick Fury’s younger self in this movie also gave it some more humor as he was a more relaxed and friendly version of the character we’ve seen in the past Marvel movies.

Outside of these two characters, the movie lacked anything splendid. In it, we are presented with a grungy space conflict between two groups: the Kree and the Skrulls. The Skrulls are a race of shapeshifters who are declared as terrorists and essentially hunted by the Kree empire. The Skrulls then make it to earth and this results in a great opportunity. The Skrulls could be used to cause just as many problems as Thanos. Marvel could have used them and turned any character we’ve met in the movies to be a Skrull. However Captain Marvel adds a twist that makes that impossible.

The largest issue though is how Captain Marvel fits into the Marvel cinematic universe. As far as the story goes, Captain Marvel has very little impact on the story and answers questions no one was really asking. The movie was created to explain why Captain Marvel is going to be in the End Game movie. However they would have been better off involving her in the movie first, and then have a spin-off movie that has more impact on the story.

Overall, the character Captain Marvel is very interesting and important. Her abilities and strengths will be very useful in the upcoming Marvel movies, and Brie Larson’s acting will put Captain Marvel in the spotlight. However, nothing else from that movie will have a lasting impact on the Marvel cinematic movie and will be outshined by other Marvel movies.

The most common reason people go to see this movie is to understand what happens in End Game. However, if that is your reason for seeing it I would not recommend it. It is a decent movie, but does not live up to the standard that Marvel has been setting for the past 10 years.