Fantasy world comes to fruition


Jessica Parsons

Cosplay-related NMU student groups to host local comic-con

Humans jump out of anime movies and books with their realistic makeup stylings. Eyes are done up to resemble anime eyes as large as tennis balls, high pony-tails swish and sway. Swords cut through the air among chatter of favorite costumes. People spend hours creating the perfect costume modeled after their favorite character. Piece by piece, their fantasy comes to fruition.

Superior Con will be held from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. this Saturday, April 13 on the first and second floors of Jamrich Hall. Admission is free for students and community members alike. Members from a collection of student organizations—including Campus Cinema, Animated, Checkpoint Saved, Marquette After Dusk and Northern Duelist Academy—will join Cosplayers Unite to plan and participate in this year’s Superior Con. Superior Con is Marquette’s very own local comic-con hosted at NMU and organized entirely by students, Event Coordinator Em Shirilla said in an email.

“You don’t really find pop-culture conventions in the U.P., so the goal of Superior Con is to provide a similar experience where anyone can come to enjoy games, films, comics, cosplay and other forms of ‘geek’ entertainment,” Shirilla said.

During the event, attendees can expect to find video gaming, LARP, card and board gaming, a cosplay cafe and panel programming, Shirilla said.

“It is my personal belief that everyone has something to geek out over, be it video games, super heroes, anime or costuming,” Shirilla said. “Events like ours are meant to give people a space to enjoy what they love and share that experience with others.”

Shirilla mentioned there will be new things happening with this year’s Superior Con. These organizations were able to receive funding to bring two guests: a local Michigan cosplayer, Kira Elric—and anime voice actor/musician Brian Beacock.

“Both will have panel sessions about their experiences. We will also be operating a small vendors hall that will include local businesses Taiga Games and The Game-Well, as well as NMU students featuring their own work,” Shirilla said.