NMU hosts Dance 4 Food Zumbathon

NMU hosts Dance 4 Food Zumbathon

Katie Jacobs

NMU Recreation Sports and Marquette Ending Hunger paired up to host the Dance 4 Food Zumbathon at the Vandament Arena. The event took place on Wednesday, April 24.

“I love that it’s a participation activity. When we blow the roof off of Vandament Arena with our rockin’, ultra-cool dance moves, we’ll all be held responsible for the damages,” Mark Shevy, faculty adviser for the Marquette Ending Hunger student organization, said.

The event was open to everyone, students and community members alike. There was no admission charge to get in, instead attendees were asked to bring nonperishable food donations to be given to food pantries in the local area.

“The more nonperishable items we collect, the better off the local food pantries are for providing in the summer. Most people donate around Thanksgiving but we forget that food is starting to run out in the spring and summer. We want to replenish it so that the shelves are stocked all year round,” President of Marquette Ending Hunger Maija Mattson said.

The Zumbathon is just one example of how on one night, everyone can come together for a great cause and have a lot of fun doing so. Food banks are able to provide more during a time that doesn’t see as many donations, and Marquette-area residents and students alike are able to connect and destress in a constructive manner for the benefit of the whole community.

“I also love that this event is a quadruple win… probably even more wins than that. I love seeing a big group of people having fun, making good memories, and celebrating life in a healthy way,” Shevy said. “I love seeing students and community members bonding through dance and forming new friendships. I love that we’re all coming together to help others in need. I love that students are involved in making it happen at the deepest levels.”

The event was sponsored by the NMU School of Health and Human Performance, NMU Recreation Sports, Marquette Ending Hunger, NMU Theatre and Entertainment Arts, NMU Hip Hop Dance Crew, WUPX Student Radio, NMU AV Club, TV 6 WLUC, Marquette Nutrition and NMU Ceramics Collective.