Moosemen welcome back former players


The Moosemen celebrate their prestigious 40th anniversary reunion this weekend.

Denali Drake

Northern Michigan University’s own Men’s Rugby hold their 40th Anniversary Reunion through Labor Day Weekend.

NMU Alumni rugby players also affectionately known as “the old boys” will be returning home to catch up upon the development of a tradition 40 years in the making. The reunion is drawing former players from all across the United States, the furthest flying from California to attend the event.

The current captain of the Moosemen, Noah Martin, expressed the significant importance of this event.

“What has been passed down from generation to generation, the numerous men coming up, so we can experience what they did through becoming a whole team and a big brotherhood.” Martin said.

Martin goes on to emphasize the social fraternal aspect of rugby.

“Each year we grow bigger and bigger and there is more significance in every big reunion milestone that we have,” Martin said.

This year is extra special as the coach of the Minnesota Duluth rugby team is an NMU rugby alumnus himself, making the weekend game a perfect way to kick off an exciting season.

The Moosemen hope to return to their old style of play this year, focusing on bringing back aggression, grit and a fair amount of teamwork to boost.

“We don’t mind getting down and hitting hard,” Martin said.

Martin hopes the Moosemen will be known as one of the toughest teams to play in the league.

“Make the other team think ‘oh crap, now we have to go all the way up to Northern not only the drive is 7+ hours but we have to play them for 45 minutes and get through it in one piece,’” Martin said. “That’s the attitude we have for this weekend.”

Martin explains that you can “get attached to the atmosphere in rugby, there are songs that everyone is able to sing together, and after every game, it becomes a social event.”

To catch this ‘‘ruggers reunion’’ the current team of Moosemen will be playing Minnesota Duluth at 1 p.m. this Saturday, Aug. 31, on Wright Street Fields.