Discuss while Dining with DAVE


Rayna Sherbinow

Dining With Diversity, Achievement, Vision and Education (DAVE) is a group based around lunchtime conversations. In an email, co-president and co-founder Ken Schlesser described how the group formed in 2018 and was made up of students who simply wanted to eat lunch together. Schlesser explained how the group uses the five points in its DAVE acronym to drive mealtime conversations in a welcoming environment. 

“We try to challenge our group and its members by pushing ourselves to seek discomfort and go outside our comfort zone while still having support and the community aspect. We pride our group on how we can make an impact in individuals lives in our community,” Schlesser said.

Schlesser also shared some goals the group would like to achieve in the near future, including a charity 5k and a Random Acts of Kindness Week.

Dining With Dave meets at 10 a.m on Fridays in the Hedgecock atrium, and meetings usually last about an hour.