‘Cats Coffee Corner: Cafe Allenatore


Denali Drake

Cafe Allenatore is a unique blend of Europe-meets-Marquette with quirky American flavors and some of the highest quality espresso this side of the bridge has ever seen. 

It reminded me of being back in Geneva, Switzerland, where locals walked to the local cafe early in the morning, to sit down with a cappuccino, croissant and a newspaper to welcome in the day. America is busy, there is always a rush and this small cafe is here to provide coffee lovers an escape from the daily stress. 

The small porcelain cups here exude an Italian countryside aesthetic, at around $4 per coffee, which is a steal. European portion sizes are exhibited here, which may be a put-off to those used to receiving their coffee in jumbo size; however, do not think that means there is less caffeine. It simply means that the beans are not such a low quality that you don’t need seven pumps of hazelnut syrup to chug it down. 

This must-try cafe is located on 907 N. Third St.