‘Cats Coffee Corner: Dead River Coffee


Denali Drake

Dead River Coffee Co. is filled with light jazz, dried flowers and eclectic coffee art. This quite possibly might be the quintessential small-town cafe that Marquette deserves, the atmosphere makes you feel like you know everyone. The aesthetic feels incredibly Northern. I would say it is the best place I have ever gone to write. I felt as if I had been transported to a place where time stood still, and I felt at peace. It’s not pretentious, nor hipstery with people reading Tolstoy and making you feel bad for not brewing your own kombucha. It’s calm and warm. 

The prices are on the moderate side, with my staple large, nondairy, vanilla latte clocking in at $6. I like that it wasn’t too sweet. You could taste the quality of the espresso and the mugs were exactly the right size. Bigger than a thimble, smaller than a bucket, perfect for any study session. A cup of daily drip coffee is going to set you back $2.50 which is a great deal for the variety of beans that they source from around the globe. There is also a unique assortment of teas when it’s too late for another espresso but a hot bevy is just what you need. 

Classic pastries are displayed in a gorgeous wooden cabinet and are available for only $1.50 making it a must grab for frosty morning coffee runs. Gluten-free sweets are also available which is a most welcome surprise. Not that I am biased but they might be tastier than the donuts. 

Past shops I have recommended you to bring a Tinder date or a quirky roommate but not this time, not here. This is a spot to bring the potential love of your life, your best friend, someone who you can make long term eye contact with and who will appreciate the charm and enjoy the ambiance. So, enjoy this wonderful coffee shop located at 119 W. Baraga Ave. and thank me later.