Collabin’ over & collectin’ music


CALM AND COLLECTED—Records from a variety of genres are available at the Vinyl Record Shows like classical records. Jessica Parsons/NW

Jessica Parsons

Study hours at the Ore Dock Brewing Co. ended and music equipment and instruments were brought in along with shuffling feet, kicking off snow. Upstairs had something for the many flannel-wearers; there was live music on the left, vinyl for sale on the right and tap handles in the center. 

Music is an excuse for enjoying a beer with a friend to bond over hundreds of genres, surrounded by others not knowing if they’re too far gone from drowning in melodic waves or the hopps in their glass.

The four-day Vinyl Record Show from Thursday to Sunday, Nov. 7-10 featured hundreds of collections from a variety of competitive prices, local musicians performed around the corner to add to the atmosphere and created a community space to converse and trade.

For event organizer Geoff Walker alongside Jon Teichman—the NMU Vinyl Record Club advisor—hauling up hundreds of records from downstate drew anticipation and excitement for more conversation to see who collects what at the show. 

“I had a good turn out [on Friday night]. I thought it worked out well for us here at the record show. I’m interested in the community aspect of a record show,” Walker said. “I really like the opportunity to learn about things from different parts of the world, different time periods, different styles of music and meet people who are like-minded and interested in music.”

Saturday night, Nov. 9 was by far the most crowded, Walker said. It was so packed it would be difficult to stand a distance of 20 inches from someone without shouting.

“It was absolutely jam-packed with people and noise for a good three hours. It was insane,” Walker said.

Walker said that with the Ore Dock being generous with their space and support of hosting a vinyl record show for the past six years, why move from a good collaboration and  relationship with management and the employees?

“As much as it’s Geoff and Jon’s record show, it’s the Ore Dock record show,” Walker said. “They provide the space, we bring the vinyl and it turns into a fabulous party every time.”

Though Sunday was the last day of the event, that didn’t stop more people to show up, or return, for a good time. Before local hip-hop jazz group Blanco Suave performed, Walker predicted that it would be a busy night.

“Blanco Suave has really attracted a faithful and large following and with good reason,” Walker said. “They’re talented, they’re clever and their music is awesome. Not to mention, they opened for Ghostface Killah the other night which I understand was very-well attended.”

Event attendee Geoff Wiitala and Dylan McKenzie-Trost, husband of Blanco Suave’s singer, Gretchen McKenzie-Trost, were not only there to support multiple people they’re close to, but just to have a good time and appreciate the music. 

“Geoff [Walker] is a really dear friend of ours. Volunteering isn’t quite the right word, it’s more of a labor of love,” McKenzie-Trost said. “We’re all music nerds. We’ll help [Walker with his] records and stuff and all we talk about is music.”

Afterall, music is truly what brings everyone together, Wiitala said. That, and “collectin’ records.”