‘Cats Coffee Corner: Seriously good Velodrome


Denali Drake

The scream of the espresso machine greets me as I walk into Velodrome Coffee Co. in an attempt to drink something that is both warm and will wake me up. With finals just around the corner, I wanted to save some of the best for last, the coffee shop that has what I think to be the best all-around coffee in town. A nine spice latte and a black pepper mocha? Those kinds of drinks exist in the big city, but to find them in this small town is a treasure. 

Drip coffee is available for a cool price of $3 and as someone who only drinks drip in a pinch, this coffee is different. I sit in front of the giant window and enjoy the smooth flavors of the coffee. Now, don’t get me wrong, almost always, I go for a sweet latte which goes up to $5.50, more if you add oat milk (a must). A small transparent case holds assorted pastries. Sweet, healthy and savory choices offer a welcoming variety for the whole crowd. 

This shop is a treat; you feel like you are taking care of yourself, and it is the ideal place to admire the fresh snow. The study space is not great, if you’re choosing to bring simply a laptop, then you might get by, or a small book, but leave your Oxford History of Modern War at home. Velodrome is the place to write obscure poetry, finish that screenplay or sincerely just vibe out to your newest song playlist and enjoy a seriously good cup of coffee.

This minimalist chic meets small-town quirky cafe is located at 519 W. Washington St. so put it on your list to try before the new year.