Working on campus during pandemic


Sarah Bauman

I work two on-campus jobs. I am an intramural ref at the PEIF and a student worker in the Registrar’s office. I knew reffing was going to have to stop as soon as the governor made the executive order to follow the CDCs recommendation of 50 people or less at gatherings. 

As a ref and as someone who plays intramural sports, I was sad that my volleyball team would not get to compete for the championship shirts. 

I didn’t know what this would mean for my job in the Registrar’s office. I didn’t get an email or notification that I couldn’t go to work anymore because I’m only a student worker and I don’t get the emails that the full-time employees do.

As a student, I know that registration time can be very stressful. But, imagine the stress of helping 7,000 students register for classes, being available to answer all their questions and helping them in any way possible. 

With everyone from the Registrar’s office working from home now, they don’t have the resources they normally have. Our staff can’t just hit a button anymore and call the department to get things figured out for you. Please remember to be kind to the people trying to help you right now, they still have families and things they need to take care of, too. 

I am writing knowing that today was my last day working at the Registrar’s office for who knows how long. There have been a lot of changes. Everyone is now doing their best during one of the busiest times: fall registration.

Please be patient, it may take a little longer for things to work out but everyone is trying their best to work with what they have and they are taking these uncommon circumstances into account. Stay safe, wash your hands and be kind to each other; we are all in this together.