PEIF, Superior Dome closed to the public through October 1


Travis Nelson/NW DOME REMAINS CLOSED-NMU’s Superior Dome stands still not only without sports being played on the turf, but without any community members until October 1.

Sadie Brink

The start of the fall semester means many of the campus’ facilities are opening up for the school year, including the PEIF and Superior Dome. Traditionally, the community has been welcome to come inside and enjoy the facilities, get exercise, etc. 

However, nothing about this year is traditional with COVID-19, and it’s also affected the two mentioned complexes. Through October 1, community activity has been delayed, including walking on the track inside of the Dome. 

“The Superior Dome is open to students only to walk, jog and workout. The delayed start is for the community use, this is in part due to COVID-19, and the university wants to have a slow opening for the Dome,” Associate Director of Athletic Facilities Carl Bammert said.  “Let’s get the students acclimated to the university before intermingling with the community. The weather is still decent in September so people can still enjoy walks outside.”

Most things during the outbreak have been suspended multiple times after getting pushed back and the return of the community will be based on the local, state and CDC guidelines.. 

“Nothing is a guarantee. During the pandemic things change constantly,” Bammert said.

So there are still many question marks on when the community members will be able to walk inside but as of right now, the earliest time will be the beginning of October. However, NMU students are still able to access the PEIF and Dome to partake in a workout or to go walk or jog in the Dome.