Weekly COVID-19 update Week of 10/25


Sam Rush/NW

Justin Van't Hof

As cases continue to spread throughout Marquette County, NMU is currently recording a record number of positive student cases. The rise in cases comes as the Michigan Department of Health and Human services released an order tightening restrictions on indoor and outdoor gatherings. 

Last week, NMU sent out a press release detailing changes to its visitor policy. The university urges virtual meetings, presentations and events as an alternative for in-person visitors. Community members are also unable to visit the PEIF or hold non-university related events at NMU for this period of time. The changes will go through Friday, Nov. 6 after which they will be reevaluated. 

According to the NMU Safe on Campus dashboard, there are currently 38 active positive cases of COVID-19. Of those who have tested positive, six are employees, 27 are off-campus and five are on-campus. There are currently 22 students staying in the quarantine and isolation housing in Spalding Hall of the 150 beds available. NMU’s surveillance testing has completed 545 tests and discovered 14 cases for a positive case percentage 2.57%. 

Data provided by the State of Michigan shows a cumulative case count of 1,161 which is an increase of 395 cases from the previous COVID-19 update. Additionally Region 8, which contains the U.P. has a cumulative case count of  6,600 which is an increase of 1,143 from the previous COVID-19 update. 

The MDHS imposed stricter guidelines to gatherings and restaurants as cases around Michigan have seen an increase. The restrictions imposed will begin Monday, Nov. 2 and will limit indoor gatherings without fixed seating to no more than 50 individuals. Under the order restaurants and bars can seat only six people per table and must take down their name and phone numbers for contact tracing measures. 

The New York Times reports that over the past week there has been an average of 2,566 cases per day which is an increase of 94% from the average two weeks earlier. They also report a total of 186,208 cumulative cases and 7,608 deaths with an additional 1,332 hospitalized. 

The New York Times additionally reports that the United States has a total of over 9 million cumulative cases and 228,398 deaths. Over the past week, the New York Times reports that there has been an average of 75,561 cases per day which is an increase of 32% from the average of two weeks earlier.