Musical bingo for prizes, limited capacity


Graphic courtesy of Lukas Bauer

Peter Smedley

Thursday, April 8, at 8 p.m singo, or musical bingo, will be hosted in 1100 Jamrich hall. The event corresponds with Winterfest 2021 and offers 85 in-person seats. There is no virtual option to participate.

Anna Watson, junior public relations major, and an organizer of singo, shares more about the event.

“There will be five rounds played and each round has a different genre of music. Students will get a packet at the door with five different boards corresponding to the round. As the rounds progress the prizes will become better,” Watson said.

In past years a bingo event was hosted by primetime productions, but the group has been inactive since fall of 2020. Jamrich would be seated at full capacity in the past, but due to the pandemic the capacity has been restricted. The event is now being hosted by the special events committee and housing and residence life.

“Everything was generously donated by Housing and Residence Life, and they did an amazing job of getting some awesome stuff! We are going to do teasers on our Instagram of the prizes, but our grand prize is worth around $150. There will also be a round dedicated to donations given from local businesses,” Watson said.

Spots are filling up quickly with 46 students registered at the time of writing. Students can register for the event at the Hub listing.

“Students should bring a writing utensil to keep the event as sanitary as possible,” Watson said.