Spotlight on Campus Cinema


Members of Campus Cinema volunteer to rake leaves for Make a Difference Day. (top row, left to right) Luke Tschumperlin, Emily Kendall, Alyssa Venema, (front row, left to right) Samantha Wright, Sarah Kendall, and Hannah Goodall. Photo courtesy of Luke Tschumperlin

Katarina Rothhorn

Every weekend, Campus Cinema plays newly released movies that are out of theaters but not yet on DVD for students and community members, free of charge. Especially during COVID-19 when there are fewer activities to keep students occupied, it provided another form of entertainment on campus. People who attend the showings are also eligible to win a free movie poster and purchase concessions to add to the movie theater experience. 

Anyone can attend a movie hosted by Campus Cinema, but members of the club are able to help pick the movies and receive free movie posters at the end of the semester as well. Luke Tschumperlin, president of Campus Cinema and freshman majoring in art and design, also hosts movie nights specifically for members of the club. 

“This semester we’ve really been thinking about and brainstorming ideas to have a lot more opportunities for our members,” Tschumperlin said. “Not just doing our showings but also doing stuff outside of that, like member movie nights or movie trivia and also renting out the Marquette Cinema.”

Members are asked to volunteer at movie showings to help out with concessions, checking people in and showing them to their seats, but Tschumperlin said Campus Cinema is also a social club.

“[Campus Cinema] is a nice place to go to to just talk about random movies. Usually while we’re waiting for people to show up to the movies, we would just sit there in a group and talk about movies,” Tschumperlin said. “My favorite part is going before the showings and talking to our other members, and literally just talking about anything movie related.”

Students interested in joining Campus Cinema can contact them by emailing [email protected] or messaging them on Facebook or Instagram at @NMUCampusCinema.