Spotlight on Latinx Student Union


LSU decorating pumpkins this past fall. Photo courtesy of Monica Arredondo

Katarina Rothhorn

Latinx Student Union was created to make a safe space for Latinx and Hispanic students on campus. While LSU is more of a social club, they also provide opportunities for members to be involved in events throughout the year. 

“We are hoping to grow our organization on campus and raise awareness on social issues that affect our community,” Monica Arredondo, vice president of LSU and junior elementary education major, said. 

LSU hosts gatherings for members such as a pumpkin painting party, casual hangouts where they play lotería and their annual Christmas party. Their Christmas party is one of their big member events where they exchange gifts, drink hot chocolate and enjoy fun conversation. 

The club is still looking for ways they can provide COVID-19 safe events for the wider community, and is open to suggestions for future events. 

“Our goal is to promote inclusivity, therefore we would love for our member’s input on how our club moves forward throughout the year,” Arredondo said.

LSU’s weekly, non-mandatory meetings create a space where students can hang out with each other and help plan potential events. With an all-new executive board next semester, Arredondo said, members will have a lot of input on what events will look like and can provide meaningful suggestions on how the club should move forward. 

“We hope to think of ideas and create plans with the help of our members,” Arredondo said. “We are looking forward to our future meetings and events.”

Students interested in joining LSU can contact them by emailing them [email protected] or message them on Instagram @nmu_LSU.