Spotlight on Radio X


photo courtesy of Julia Emery

Katarina Rothhorn

NMU’s campus radio station, Radio X, is run by student and faculty volunteer DJs who can choose to broadcast music or simply talk during their hour-long time segment. DJs do not have to be majoring in anything music related to volunteer. 

“I never thought I would work at a radio station, but it’s just super cool,” Julia Emery, junior forensic biochemistry major and station manager, said. “I have nothing to do with the radio for my major, but it’s just super cool to go in there playing music, knowing that other people are also jamming out to it somewhere in the world.” 

DJs have the same time slot every week for the semester and can choose any theme for their shows such as EDM, classic rock and satanic gospel. The DJs also have biweekly meetings and occasionally social events where they can get to know each other outside of the studio. 

Radio X works with the surrounding community and is open to professors hosting their own shows as well. It not only provides a space for students and faculty to share their own interests, musical and otherwise, but it is also a place to make connections.

“Definitely go out of your comfort zone, like I did,” Emery said. “Look at all the different organizations and especially if you’re interested in music and sharing your love for music, check out Radio X.”

Students interested in joining Radio X can visit their website or sign up to be a DJ. To listen to Radio X, visit their website or tune in to 91.5 on the radio.