Spotlight on Women For Women


Group photo of participants after 2018 Slut Walk. Photo courtesy of Rowan Swor.

Katarina Rothhorn

Women for Women is centered around intersectional feminism and activism, not only on campus but in the surrounding Marquette community. Their weekly meetings start off with the question “what are y’all mad about today?” and provide a space for members to vent their political and personal frustrations.

The conversation does not always stop there. Members continually generate ideas for continued activism and outreach with other groups on campus to provide a more inclusive and educated platform for change.

Some of WFW’s more consistent events include an annual Slut Walk that challenges the idea that a woman’s clothing is consent for sex, a Wage Gap Bake Sale and the slam poetry event Hear Us Roar. 

These events are open to everyone in the community, but Rowan Swor, junior political science major and co-president of WFW, said that some students feel hesitant to join the club since their name does not include men or non-binary people. This was never the intention, Swor said, and one of the goals of the WFW is to change their name to be more inclusive. 

“We want to make sure that that is something that we affirm because we genuinely believe that social justice is not just for women, it’s for everyone,” Swor said. “And that’s a very important goal for us, to change the name and just to make sure that we are inclusive because our number one goal is to be inclusive and to educate the NMU community.”

Students interested in joining WFW can contact them by emailing Swor at [email protected].