Pop-up record show to offer haven for vinyl lovers


Katarina Rothhorn/NW

VINYL JUNKIES – Geoff Walker (left) and Jon Teichman (right) are avid collectors of vinyl, Star Wars and other ‘vintage’ memorabilia. They have hosted numerous record shows in the Ore Dock Brewing Company throughout the years and hope to continue to share their love of records.

Joshua La Gorio, Contributing Writer

Those looking for a journey to the past, Geoff and Jon’s Pop-Up Record Show at Ore Dock Brewing Company will have vinyl records, CDs, T-shirts, toys and more up for purchase, trade and viewing.

Starting Thursday, March 24, and continuing until Sunday, March 27, the Ore Dock Brewing Company, located at 114 W. Spring St., will turn its second-floor community room into a space full of music and memorabilia collected over the years from the last several decades, Jon Teichman, one of the two co-hosts of the event, said. 

The event has been held for the past nine years in the same place, but Jon Teichman and his partner and friend Geoff Walker, the other co-host, try to keep it fresh every time. Teichman lives in Marquette and runs The Emporium Featuring Vintage Vinyl on 317 W. Washington St. and Walker now lives near Detroit but grew up in Marquette.

“If you come and you find that you are suddenly interested in records, you’re not going to come to our next event and think ‘oh, it’s all the same stuff,’” said Walker. “I personally will be bringing on the order of 2,500 new arrivals for the vinyl section.”

People of all tastes are welcome, and whether people are there for music, movies, books, toys, t-shirts or more, they’re there to talk to and to help find what someone is looking for, Walker said. Along with their record collection of around 10,000 albums, T-shirts will hang from the walls, flip books of posters will be on tables, along with pop culture books, esoterica, comic books, piles of stickers, hundreds of CDs and cassettes, toys of Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and more. 

The vinyl collection alone spans genres from classical, funk, punk, and rock, to comedy, soundtracks and international music from India, Africa, Jamaica and beyond. They’ve had a wide range of customers, from kids on footstools looking through boxes to people in their 80s and 90s and everywhere in between.

“There may not be something for everybody… but darn near,” Walker said.

For Teichman, the event is not just a place to sell records, but is a meeting ground for people to share their love for vinyls and other memorabilia. 

“I like being in the area of wish fulfillment. That moment where someone is so excited about this thing that they found – if we can facilitate some joy, especially in these trying times, we’re in a really unique spot to do that,” Teichman said. “That’s some of the best memories that Geoff and I have made.”

Along with the items on sale, coffee and root beer will be available for purchase. There will also be food trucks around dinner time and on-site music entertainment at night featuring the band Ramble Tamble on Thursday and Jeremy Porter and the Tucos on Friday and Saturday. For customers looking to trade in one of their records, Teichman encourages coming early since traffic usually picks up near the end of the event.

Ashelei Nickerson, junior psychology major, is always in search of albums to add to her collection, particularly music from Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Beatles and Modest Mouse, so she always is interested in going when the record show pops back up again. 

“This go around I definitely want to focus on finding anything Modest Mouse,” Nickerson said. “I saw them live last summer and have loved them ever since I first heard them in the car with my dad when ‘Good News for People Who Love Bad News’ came out.”

Teichman and Walker always have a great selection of vinyl, stickers and art, said Nickerson and she looks forward to going in again as the curators are doing a great job.

“I usually go there at least once upon their openings and spend a good chunk of my money even though I really should be saving,” Nickerson said. “I guess I’m usually pretty caught up looking in the records cause I’m just so excited to see their selection.”

More information on the event can be found on the show’s Facebook page, or people can call Teichman directly at (906) 373-6183.

“We’re really trafficking in nostalgia, but also the immediacy of being able to pick it up and look at it,” Teichman said. “It’s right there for you. In this virtual world we’re in, this immediacy is kind of a gift.”