Iron Golem Games presents area’s newest gaming hub


TIME TO PLAY THE GAME—Marquette’s newest gaming store, Iron Golem Games, holds new opportunities for gamers to come and enjoy. Dallas Wiertella/NW

Dallas Wiertella, Staff Writer

A new game store, Iron Golem Games, offers a wide variety of services that extends beyond just selling products to both experienced hobbyist and casual table-top enthusiasts.

Located at 328 W. Washington St. in downtown Marquette, the store finds its niche in “Magic: The Gathering (MTG),” “Dungeons and Dragons (D&D)”, “Warhammer: 40000,” and other table-top activities like both name brand and obscure board games.

The three owners-Jordan Gokey, Seth Hilsabeck and Joseph Baker-decided to start their store after years of working at other game stores, but wanted to create a specific atmosphere welcoming to both experienced players and people looking to get into a new game.

“We just wanted to do our own thing,” Hilsabeck said. “We saw what we liked in game stores, and we wanted to pursue that.”

MTG players take up a lot of space at the tables and can push out other players, so there is a room in the back specifically for D&D and Warhammer: 40000 to create a space for all gamers to be comfortable and accommodated, Hilsabeck said.

The majority of the products are displayed at the front of the store to separate shopping from playing but the store has three large tables towards the back along with the specific gaming room giving ample space to fit multiple customers.

“We really enjoy being in a game store and the experience that it brings,” Gokey said. “Through our experiences we thought we could make something that the people of Marquette could really enjoy.”

The store also offers community game nights including board game night on Mondays and “D&D” drop-in/ “MTG” draft on Fridays. Information on its monthly Schedule can be found on the Facebook page

“The calendar reflects the community,” Gokey said. “ If there are games that people want to see represented, we will have a night dedicated to it.” 

Students looking to try new hobbies or looking to find a new spot for their table-top needs may struggle to find a community to accept them, but Iron Golem Games looks to change that stigma, Hilsabeck said. Someone looking to learn MTG or jump right into a commander game can find an open seat within the store.

“All the game stores I have been to have had their own vibe, [Iron Golem Games] is its own place,” NMU student Jack Green said. “The store is laid-back. The people are approachable and the staff does not try to hide from you.”

For a brief description of its services and store hours, see