Twelfth Annual Plaidurday Brings Students, Staff Together With Coffee, Donuts and Plenty of Plaid


Dallas Wiertella/NW

LARGE TURNOUT – Students, Parents, Faculty and Staff alike converge on the Wildcat Willy statute for coffee and donuts, as well as a quick photo op. Plaidurday is a Michigan based holiday that has been celebrated for over a decade.

Harry Stine

“Cold, colorful and fun,” said Abby Knight, exercise major, summing up the latest annual celebration of Plaidurday, a U.P.-originated event, and the twelfth so far according to the Plaidurday website.

Students, parents, staff and faculty alike all converged outside the Wildcat Willy statue on Oct. 7 to take a group picture of themselves celebrating Plaidurday the only way one can: wrapped in their favorite piece of plaid clothing.

“Plaidurday is all about goodwill, community, and just caring about everybody and inclusiveness and loving everyone,” said Alicia Bronde, master of business administration major.

Around the Wildcat Willy statue outside Jamrich, attendees made conversation, sipped coffee, ate donut holes and experienced some of the first snowfall of the season, even if it was just a few flakes, all before taking the celebratory photo.

Despite the cold, dozens of shivering flannel-clad participants were easily able to hold a smile for a few quick photos as well as a drone shot and video of the turnout. After the photo, plenty of participants shared positive views of the event.

“I think it is just a celebration of life up here,” said the blue flannel-clad Knight. “Culture appears in society up here and owning where you are and where you are from.”

Not all stopped at one piece of plaid either. Ethan Roski, fisheries management major, donned both a red flannel shirt and a blue flannel jacket to show his love for Plaidurday. Roski, who said he managed to convince friends, classmates and professors to join him, came for the general feelings surrounding Plaidurday. 

“Friendly. Good Time. Good Atmosphere,” Roski said. He later added that the free coffee and donuts were also a solid draw to the event.

According to the Plaidurday and Upper Peninsula Supply Co. websites, Bugsy Sailor thought up the concept of the holiday in 2010, after being teased by his coworkers for his constant choice of plaid wardrobe. One year later, on Oct. 7, 2011, the first Plaidurday was celebrated.

With large group photos taken nearly every year by Upper Peninsula Supply Co., minus a two year break due to COVID-19, it is safe to say that Plaidurday has been catching on.

Commenting on Plaidurday’s growth, Derek Hall, NMU’s Chief Marketing Officer, acknowledged the pervasiveness of the young U.P holiday.

“There are companies that have jumped in, companies as big as Carhatt,” Derek Hall said. “Plaidurday, the official celebration of the U.P. – let’s do it.”

The holiday is not the only pie Sailor has a finger in either, as his website lists credits such as the Fresh Coast Film Festival, 906 Day and the aforementioned Upper Peninsula Supply Co, just to name a few.

With the next celebration of Plaidurday taking place on Oct. 6 of next year, and even more future dates already listed on the Plaidurday website, there does not seem to be any sign of Plaidurday slowing down anytime soon. 

“It is nice to see students, faculty, [and] staff all coming out right now,” Hall said. “So that is great.”