Football: Wildcats hope to bounce back against U.P. rival MTU


Chris Anderson/NW

HEARTBREAKER – The Cats lost to Davenport 27-24 in overtime. This is the second game lost in OT this season for the Cats.

Chris Anderson

After NMU Football finally built on the momentum they had created, putting together a three-game win streak, the Cats lost a 24-27 heartbreaker in overtime against No. 6 Davenport. The Wildcats put together a strong second half to put them in position to win the game, but in the end an interception is what sealed it for the Panthers.

“We have too many offsides,” Coach Kyle Nystrom said. “If you start with that, you can be in a much better spot than what you’re sitting at right now.” 

Penalties have been a major issue for the ‘Cats this season, as they have had 10 or more penalties in three games so far. The team will go back to the basics this week in order to address these problems and get back on track.

The secondary was once again a bright spot as they picked off Davenport two times. Tavion McCarthy had multiple knockdowns and snagged an interception for the third week in a row.

“I learned from a really good coach in the Big 10, you can do things perfectly as a player and still lose the play,” Nystrom said. “And that’s just life. And so, it’s tough luck.” 

NMU will be traveling northwest to face off against U.P. rival Michigan Tech as they look to move on from the devastating loss to a top 10 team.

Last season, NMU was up 14-7 going into the third quarter and MTU put together a 14-point quarter to end the game, stealing the win 21-14. The Wildcats have lost the last 11 matchups against the Huskies with their last win dating back to Sept. 19, 2009. 

“This game is a season maker for you if you do the right thing and go out and win it. And so that’s our opportunity,” Nystrom said. “That’s what we want for this week, that’s what we focus on. We use that as motivation.”