Men’s hockey sweeps Ferris State in the last series game of the season


Molly Birch

FACEOFF – NMU ended the season 8-8 at home and sent the senior class of in style with 17 goals last weekend.

Lily Gouin

The Wildcats took both wins this past weekend against the Ferris State Bulldogs. The Wildcats won on Friday night with the score of 9-2 and took the 8-3 win on Saturday as three different players on the team took home Player of the Week honors in their respective positions. Freshman Joey Larson has been honored multiple times this season for Rookie of the Week.

“There was a quiet intensity of focus to us, just continuing to stay with the process … and kind of got rewarded as the game went,” Head Coach Grant Potulny said. “So, power play was a big piece to probably us putting that many goals up each night.”

The Wildcats also honored all eight of the seniors on the team. The seniors are Michael Van Unen, Colby Enns, David Keefer, Andre Ghantous, Vincent De Mey, AJ Vanderbeck, Tanner Vescio and Alex Frye. The ‘Cats were able to work together as a team this weekend, getting two big wins over Ferris State in the seniors’ final home weekend.

“All of a sudden now there’s not three people attacking. If you could attack as five on your move, you’re breaking out as five. You’re in the neutral zone as five,” Potulny said.  “I want five people moving around the rink together … outnumbering people everywhere. And that was probably as well as we’d been connected all year.”

Over the course of the weekend, the Wildcats scored 17 goals all while holding the Bulldogs to just five goals on the weekend, with the help of freshman goalie Beni Halasz who had 23 saves during the game on Friday and 21 saves throughout the game on Saturday. Friday night the Wildcats scored nine goals coming from eight different players. Saturday seven different players scored the ‘Cats eight goals making this sweep a team effort and getting everyone involved.

“The momentum and the confidence that you’ve built, and we build from it … momentum is a funny thing. It’s like confidence. It’s hard to put your finger on what when you have it and how you got it,” Potulny said. “But when you have it, you feel a little bit taller and you play a lot more sure of yourself, and momentum just kind of continues to build, and we need to make sure that even though all those games are done, we need to keep our momentum from the weekend.”

With the end of the regular season here, the ‘Cats will once again face off against Bowling Green who they have previously played this season. The first time they met the two of them battled and the ‘Cats came away with a weekend split winning the second match 4-3.

“We’re continuing to try just every game, just try to raise our level … and I think we’ve played better every game leading into this … and obviously now it’s kind of coming down the stretch and you got to try and build off of what you did and keep getting better,” Potulny said.

This weekend the ‘Cats will face off in their last two games of the regular season. The ‘Cats will travel down to Bowling Green today, February 24. The puck will drop at 7:07 p.m. with Saturday having the same starting time.