NW Staff

NMU professor given award

Last year, professor Joseph Lubig was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by the Michigan Campus Compact. This award is geared toward recognizing excellence in academic service.
He is presently the assistant professor of the School of Education and an education professor, and has taught at Northern Michigan since 2004. He was nominated by the academic service learning board on campus and was selected by Michigan Campus Compact from professors from 41 other colleges.
Lubig hopes that receiving this award will help him and a group of other professors get approved for a cooperative civics grant. He is very grateful for receiving the award and said it is nothing that can be achieved by one person. He would like to include all of the people and organizations who helped him to win the Lifetime Achievement Award in his thanks.

— Audrey Menninga

Trenary outhouse races to begin

The Trenary Outhouse Classic will be held Saturday, Feb. 27 at 2 p.m. on Main Street in Trenary.   According to Dianne Peterson, treasurer of the Outhouse Classic committee, participants build and decorate outhouses on skis and race them.
Previously, the race has had 60 participants and 4,000 spectators. This is the seventeenth annual race. Dianne Peterson says that it is a fun event and people go all out with their outhouse decorations. The proceeds from the race will be used to buy playground equipment for Trenary parks.
Participants are required to pay a $35 entry fee which includes  two T-shirts, a commemorative pin, and an autographed roll of toilet paper. Entry pins are $1 for advance purchase or $2 the day of the race.
Contact Dianne Peterson at 446-3210 or go to for more information, to advance register or to advance purchase an entry pin.

— Amber Snyder

CAPS students recognized

Students in BC 130 in the Communications and Performance Studies (CAPS) Department won first place in the “Michigan Association of Broadcasters college TV” for Best TV Sports Play-by-play. The course created productions of four football games and two hockey series last semester, one of which proved award winning. This class submitted a production of the NMU vs. Indianapolis football game.  The game aired on channel 20 and streamed live on B2 sports network.
New digital high definition remote production equipment helped make winning this award possible. It was purchased by the CAPS department and WNMU-TV, and was run by CAPS students.
Pete Francis was the announcer, Antoine Harris presented the color commentary, Jordan Wyers reported from the sidelines and Cory Cameron directed. Camera work, audio, graphics and other technical work were managed by others in the team. Several of these students will be travelling to Lansing for the Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference and Expo. They will receive their award on March 3.

—Katelynn Segula