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Opinion—Heartbeat Bill violates rights of Texas women

Opinion—Heartbeat Bill violates rights of Texas women

Adan Mulvaney, contributing writer September 17, 2021
Getting an abortion is a deeply personal choice for a woman—and it’s also a form of healthcare. There are many things that can necessitate a woman’s need for an abortion: contraceptive failure, rape, incest, intimate crime violence, sickness for the duration of the pregnancy or health conditions so severe that the only option to save the mother’s life is to terminate the pregnancy. 
entrance to flea market

Opinion—How to bargain-hunt

Adan Mulvaney November 4, 2020
I think it was the way that I was raised that made me gain an appreciation for secondhand items and thrift stores. When I was a young child, my family opened a flea market in lower Wisconsin.
man listening through a tin can

Opinion—The lost art of listening

Adan Mulvaney September 21, 2020
I used to wonder quite often about what made some people better conversationalists than others. Was it their life experiences, I asked myself, their confidence, or their emotional intelligence? After a while, I began to realize that the best communicators didn’t actually talk that much. The best communicators are the best listeners, a fact which not a lot of people seem to realize, much to my chagrin.
emojis having trouble communicating

Opinion—COVID-19’s impact reaches how we relate to one another

Adan Mulvaney September 10, 2020
In the past six months, we have all watched our way of life slowly change and develop into something that we can now call normal. When the social distancing guidelines first came out, it felt foreign and strange to stand 6 feet from a person in conversation. When the mask mandate came out, I for one thought that masks were extremely difficult to breathe in.
BRACE FOR OVERHAUL—The Communications and Media Studies Department undergoes curriculum changes as well as rebranding this year.

Curricula implemented

Adan Mulvaney February 27, 2020

On Feb. 18, the Academic Senate approved the communication and media studies department’s movement to make curriculum changes which will be implemented in the Fall 2020 semester. Rather than expecting...


Nicotine products ‘grandfathered’

Adan Mulvaney February 13, 2020

As of Dec. 20 2019, a bill signed into law by President Trump has raised the legal age for nicotine usage to 21. Many students are confused about the legality of nicotine products they may already have...

GATHER THE ROUND TABLE—McNair scholars and prospective members to the program gather to share and receive information in the Center for Native American Studies in Whitman Hall.

McNair program recruits with open house

Adan Mulvaney January 30, 2020

The Native American Studies program in conjunction with the McNairs Scholars Program hosted an open house on Tuesday, Jan. 28, inviting interested students to come and learn about their offerings in order...

Photo courtesy of Marquette Climbers Cooperative 
DOWN AND DIRTY­­—Community members gather in the Marquette Climber’s Cooperative greenhouse on Saturday, Jan. 25 to learn about sustainable gardening. Senior biology major Bryce DeMers, member of the co-op refers to the text, “The Rocket Mass Heater Builder’s Guide” when explaining the greenhouse dynamic. The rocket mass heater they use is a space heating system expanded from a type of efficient wood burning stove, the rocket stove.

Mqt Climber’s Co-op offers workshops

Adan Mulvaney January 30, 2020

Earthy tones and a fresh scent seeps out of the floorboards of the century old building that houses the U.P’s only permaculture housing cooperative, located in the heart of Marquette. Some students...

BURNING NIGHT OIL—Evening students drift through the 24-hour study lounge in the lower level of the LRC, taking care of their studies before the morning comes again.

Late-night study lounge extends for full semester

Adan Mulvaney January 23, 2020

The 24-hour study lounge, usually held only during exam week at the end of each semester, is being extended to serve students throughout the entire semester. The study lounge will now be located in...

Students catch a break, profs catch a pie

Students catch a break, profs catch a pie

Adan Mulvaney December 5, 2019

Mind Your Health, a student organization dedicated to breaking the stigmas around mental health issues on campus, is sponsoring Stress Less Week from Dec. 2-6. The week involves a series of events to...

Treacherous snow travel

Treacherous snow travel

Adan Mulvaney December 5, 2019

From Nov. 30 to Dec. 1, Marquette received over 24 inches of snow, shutting down travel routes and closing classes until noon on Dec. 2.  The amount of snow caused groundskeeping crews great difficulties...

NEW DIGS—The Student Art Gallery (SAG) can be found on the main floor of the Lydia Olson Library, in Harden Hall. Entrance is free and open for students and the public.

SAG opens first exhibit with cash prize

Adan Mulvaney November 21, 2019

The Student Art Gallery, resplendent with its most recent student art exhibit, has been relocated from the University Center due to construction, and it reopened in Harden Hall in the Lydia Olson Library...

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