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Parking distribution finalized for next academic year

Andy Frakes April 20, 2016

NMU is shedding a parking lot from its roster before the beginning of the fall 2016 semester. Lot 46, which sits off Wright Street across from Hunt Hall, is being purchased by the city of Marquette as...

Margaritas as big as your head

Andy Frakes April 6, 2016

The most authentic south-of-the-border dining experience in Marquette also has one of the best table views. Sol Azteca, a relatively new establishment in the local food scene, sits atop another well-situated...

Ganzert remembered by NMU community

Andy Frakes April 6, 2016

Chuck Ganzert, a communications professor who dedicated more than a third of his life to teaching at NMU, passed away in Seattle on April 1. He was presenting a paper at a meeting of the Popular Culture...

Media isolation is making us less interesting

Andy Frakes March 23, 2016

My senior year of high school, (I’m dating myself here, but it doesn’t matter) I got on the waiting list for a Spotify account. I think that was right about the time Pandora was wearing thin with most...

Vote with your heart and not your friends

Andy Frakes February 10, 2016

So I can tell you I’m more likely to vote for Bernie than The Donald, when it comes down to it. I can tell you I would rather my taxes go toward aid programs and infrastructure than defense spending....

Part one: Food privilege and healthy hunger

Andy Frakes February 3, 2016

Monday morning I woke up hungry. I had slept 10 solid hours, and when I got out of bed I showered while fantasizing about the cinnamon-raisin bagel and mug of hot coffee that would come next. Except...

Fjeldheim builds bright future for nordic ski team

Andy Frakes January 27, 2016

Sten Fjeldheim sat down across the ski room, a little out-of-the-way nook with a steel door at the back of the basketball practice gym. The wall above where he sits is covered in awards and accolades he...

The return of: ‘THE X-FILES’

Andy Frakes January 27, 2016

Mulder and Scully are back. For the thousands of cult-level X-Files fans out there—and the millions of “casual viewers,” as well—this is exciting news. Fox has renewed the hit TV show, offering...


Andy Frakes January 13, 2016

Directed by Adam McKay, this financial tale shows the late-2000s economic crash from the perspective of some business-world insiders. The all-star cast produced a lot of notable performances, and the directing,...

Merlot Mansion’s ‘Classic Fest’

Andy Frakes December 2, 2015

The Merlot Mansion’s Facebook page offers a little description for those who haven’t had the pleasure: “We’re Merlot House. We make noise in a basement. “Usually it’s punk, indie,...

Common sense & decency in the face of terror

Andy Frakes November 18, 2015

In the past seven days, I was in three different airports. On Sunday morning, in the stuffy Delta terminals of LaGuardia, I sat down next to a perspiring Japanese man. Security was heightened, which meant...

From mountains to mortarboard and back again

Andy Frakes November 11, 2015

Phil Watts pioneered the exercise science graduate program at NMU and the sports science undergraduate degree as well. He brought part of an Everest summit team to campus in 1983 for high-altitude research....

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